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OreMake | Oknife 1000/3000 Grit Whetstone

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Two Grits in One Stone
The whetstone is made from premium white corundum (white aluminum oxide), which is a highly effective abrasive for sharpening due to its superior strength and hardness (slightly less hard than diamond).
Featuring two sides with different medium grits—#1000 and #3000, this combination whetstone is an excellent option for general knife sharpening and is easy to use even for beginners.
1000 Grit: Your basic, go-to sharpening stone. If your knives have lost their edge (but are not damaged or completely dull), then this grit will get them in working order.
3000 Grit: For putting a final sharp edge on the blade.



Anti-slip Setup
The sturdy wood base with a non-skid TPR bottom, along with the silicone insert that sits snugly between the base and stone, ensures that the whetstone stays securely in place during the sharpening process.



High-End Wood Base
The robust base made of acacia wood is a beautiful addition to any countertop and is durable enough to withstand daily use.


Please Note: Make sure the base is completely dry before storing the set in a dry place.