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OKNIFE Obead titanium bead

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The OBead is a high-end titanium bead. After being sand-blasted, its surface has a comforting feel with its fine texture. You could tie with the included paracord and OBead, and then match it with your favorite EDC products such as knives and flashlights. It has  0.62*0.57*0.37in in dimension and 0.18oz in weight, compact and lightweight to save more space. It is a well-made and decorative bead for any EDC enthusiast.



Made of titanium, it is comfortable to touch and corrosion resistant.

Tie with the included paracord, and match it with knives, flashlights or other EDC products, making them more attractive and easier to pull from your pockets!

Measuring 0.62*0.57*0.37in and 0.18oz, it is compact and lightweight.